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Scientific Production Company «Stroy Trans Complect» (SPC «STC») Ltd was established in 2007. Our main activity is production and bulk sales of non-metallic minerals.
We are mining peat deposit «Dedovo Pole» in the Western area of Vologda region, North-West part of Russian Federation close to the border with Finland, Latvia and Baltic ports.

Buy the governor of the Vologda region this project was marked as “key” for the Vologda region economics.

We are one of the first Russian peat production company that started to pack sod peat in Big Bags for the consumer and account convinience. A special program for the local heat producers is developed, it contains of modernisation of the current equipment automatic sod peat feeding module. In the future prospective we are planning to create local service company for uniting of local peat producers.

Our headquaters is located in Cherepovets, Vologda region.

Our Team
Key positions in our company are occupied by specialists with a confidence in peat industry management and experience.
Main priority in personal management is youth, experience and goal achievement desire.

Chief Extcutive Officer — Victor Orinichev.
Chief Financial Officer — Gennady Kulevskiy.
Business Development Officer — Victor Galashichev.
Chief Marketing Officer — Sergey Kulevskiy
Chief Accountant Officer — Elena Kurokhtina
Chief Technical Officer — Vadim Sedov
Legal Expert — Evgenya Petrova

Peat minig license
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Peat deposit information


SPC «Stroy Trans Complect» has a licence for energy peat mining on the deposit «Dedovo Pole» in Vologda region.

Peat deposit «Dedovo Pole» was founded in 1923.

Characteristics of the deposit:
- Total sqare: 24 000 ht
- Total volume 109 mln t nominal humidity
- Upper peat and white peat
- Ash content up to 2%
- Avarege peat layer — 3,8 m;
- Average decompression lavel — 33 %;
- Natural humidity -91,85%.
Calorific value with 40% humidity 4542-5795 KCal/kg (average — 5302 KCal/kg).

Agricultural Use Peat
Our company produce:
- Long-lasting action humate fertilize
- White peat
- Peat in bales
- Milled peat
- Sadle peat

Energy Use Peat
Our company produce:
- Sod peat
- Peat pellets
- Peat briquets

We sell
We are always looking for the new market opportunities. Please feel free to contact us.

We buy
We are looking for:
- Peat minig equipment
- Tracktors
- Used Big-Bags

Please send us your proposals via email.

Headquaters contacts
Sudostroitelnaya str. 7
Cherepovets, 162612, Russian Federation
Tel. +7 (8202) 20-25-47
Fax +7 (8202) 20-25-48
E-mail: [email protected]